Welcome to Dave Burgener Solutions in Communications (DBSIC). The purpose of DBSIC is to provide solutions and tools to assist in your interpersonal communications.

Although communication is part of everyday life it’s not traditionally a topic that we receive training or education about. For most people, the ability to communicate is based largely on the examples they’ve picked up from those around them such as family, friends, or at work.

While everyone develops their own skills set or tendencies, in general people have a limited range of options to choose from to communicate with others. For many situations, this is okay since there are usually some shared ways of communicating that work for most interactions (think about how a workplace, community or culture tend to share certain values, customs, etc.).

However, increasingly people are required to communicate with others who may have different beliefs or values. As many countries, cities and regions become increasing multicultural, communicating across cultural difference is more common. Of course, culture changes over time as well, so the values and beliefs held by one generation may not remain constant. Technological developments also mean that many of us are communicating more often than ever before.

As a result, the same communication skill set that used to work for us in most situations is unable to serve us as effectively. This can become a problem when our preferred communication style does not allow us to get the results we want. Worse still – our style can actually contribute to conflict with others. What then can be done about this?

Addressing this question is precisely what Dave Burgener Solutions in Communications sets out to do. I offer approaches and techniques that can assist you to achieve better results in your interpersonal communications. My work is based on my experiences with processes like facilitation, mediation, negotiation and dialogue. I also draw on concepts from the field of conflict resolution as well as mindfulness/ contemplative practices.

I invite you to browse the website and review the services and products that are available. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to talk about designing solutions for the communication challenges you face. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
Dave Burgener