Mindful practices are associated with increased mental clarity as well as enhanced performance. Being present; the ability to think clearly and maintain one’s focus, is directly linked to the capacity to achieve desirable outcomes within a given field. A calm customer service agent can neutralise emotive attacks. An uplifted team leader or manager can ‘connect’ with others in a genuine manner.

Mindfulness is increasingly recognised as having application across a range of professional disciplines. Confronted by economic uncertainty, competitive work environments and the stresses of daily life, it is not surprising to find that executives, athletes, teachers, and others have turned to contemplative exercises such as meditation to support their professional practice. This can range from having a daily meditation practice, to simply taking a deep breath prior to tackling the next item on your to do list.

I incorporate contemplative exercises into my work to:
· Create a calm but focused atmosphere.
· Help demonstrate the link between self-awareness and effective communication.
· Support shifting from the ‘busy-ness’ of daily life to the present moment.
· Provide concrete exercises that participants can apply after the workshop ends.

One of the attractive aspects of mindful practices is their broad application. Whether you are looking for a way to re-charge your energy levels in a busy work environment, or access higher levels of brain functioning and creativity, a mindful practice can help you to achieve your goals.